5 years at Leading Edge?! … time flies!

5 years ago I joined Leading Edge (so LinkedIn reliably informed me this week!) ..

5 years ago David Cameron was PM, Jessie J was a No.1 with Domino and talk of the London Olympics centered around ‘how we’d never match up to Beijing/Sydney/any other prior host’

In many ways, my joining feels like a very long time ago … and in other ways I can’t quite believe it’s been that long! Seems like a great point in time to reflect …

We’ve been through many changes as a business, and I’ve had many roles in that time.  From associate consultant to Head of Learning, to Operations Director and part of the leadership board – that’s quite a transition.  We talk to our clients and network about the pace of change, and it’s no different in Team Green.

We are continually evolving and challenging ourselves – and the momentum from that challenge should lead us forwards towards generating ideas, fresh perspective, greater ambitions.  But we can often confuse that momentum with a need to ‘cast off’ existing thinking, and create something new.

One of our greatest realisations as a leadership team has been that creativity can often lead you back to an innate belief, value or concept.  Momentum doesn’t always mean new.  The journey is as much about rediscovering the consistent truths that underpin our motivation and purpose, as it is about travelling towards them.

We’ve invested our time, and worn our hearts on our sleeves, to work out ‘what matters to us’ over the last few months and I’m proud that we’ve rediscovered ‘our’ Leading Edge.  The journey forwards has reconnected us with many of the ideals and principles we held five years ago.  The added value of our personal experiences over the last 5 years is the growth to realise the innate pull of these ideals, and to place them back at the centre of our business.

Re-energised and ready for the next 5 years – you bet!








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