Performance Edge.

Ian Leman

Ian spent 12 years in the UK Military, including three tours of Afghanistan leading elite teams on military intelligence operations. Specialising in influence, he used his expertise on defence liaison operations in the Middle East and South East Asia, dealing with an array of influence and security challenges in complex and demanding environments.
Ian demonstrated his abilities to elicit information that unlocked high performance in individuals at a world leading officer academy, where he went on to become the senior leadership instructor
Since leaving the military, Ian has consulted with global sports teams and FTSE 100 businesses, focused on gaining competitive advantage.

Chris Musgrove

Over a 10 year military career Chris conducted operations at sea and on land around the world in complex cultural and legal environments before moving to a prestigious training academy.
Here he instructed trainee officers, exploring leadership, followership, communication and culture setting, while supporting his team through the transition to service life.
Chris has practised influence, analysis of human interaction and behaviour in complex legal, cultural and high threat settings, managing emotions and achieving results in the face of high stakes. Chris is a qualified Spotlight practitioner and has created innovative training throughout his career

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