Performance Edge.

Human Terrain Analysis & Vulnerability Awareness

High performers, are more connected now than ever..

Boxing improving performance through coaching

.... and understanding the networks, relationships, vulnerabilities and opportunities that these connections bring is essential to creating and sustaining success.
Understanding and taking ownership for personal and team vulnerabilities that might cause a drop in performance, in a specific environmental context, keeps elite performers one step ahead of less prepared opponents, whether rival firms, sports organisations or bid teams.

Taking ownership of vulnerability creates a new edge; if your performance sustains, or declines slower than that of your rivals then you retain an advantage. Clarity about the networks and connections protects against vulnerabilities being triggered, and allows you to have maximum impact in the right place, at the right time.

Alongside this, understanding how you’re connected to others around you protects against derailment and disruption, uncovers new ways to solve problems, gives faster routes to profit, influence or tactical advantages, drives efficiency and makes the most of every opportunity available to gain the performance edge.
Our team are experienced in exploring and mapping vital human data and are experts at bringing it to life. We support achievement of performance goals, by creating robust, resourceful, self sustaining teams and a dramatically increased understanding of the human environment around a performance challenge.

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