Performance Edge.

Decompression and Debriefing

Replicating Success and Avoiding Repeat Mistakes

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Teams often expend huge amounts of energy seeking information about performance, hoping to replicate their success and avoid repeating mistakes. However, this process takes both time and resource away from routine activity, and internal audits of activity only take you so far, as bias and reluctance to engage reduce how comfortable people feel being honest and direct.

Bringing a positive, performance led intent, and by gathering a range of perspectives, removing judgement, and handling the information in an objective way, debriefing and decompression creates real engagement and gets under the skin of the situation.

This gives people certainty and confidence that their voices are being heard and that the human dimension of performance is being considered, alongside the technical and tactical elements.

Success, like failure, leaves clues, and debriefing and decompressing with positive intent, shines a light on these clues.

Huge amounts of technical and tactical information, as well as insights into culture, values and engagement can be found in teams and organisations, but it is often an untapped resource.
Performance Edge has pioneered a unique process of debriefing and decompression that gathers this information and uses it to support learning lessons that create a framework for repeatable success. It also brings teams together and helps manage stress after critical activity.

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