12 November 2018

We’re delighted to be supporting a third WRU Group cohort with a tailored development programme to nurture high performance across the organisation.

‘Nurturing Talent’ is an evolution of two previous journeys – People, Performance, Potential and Being My Best – designed and delivered by Leading Edge for WRU Group.

Through the Nurturing Talent Programme, more than 50 colleagues across all business areas will be engaged in three or four relevant modules from the nine designed. All are classroom based as one of the outcomes of the programme is to develop relationships across the Group.

With new modules created to complement those continuing from previous years, this year’s programme enables a wider group to access development topics that are highly relevant and tailored to supporting their identified growth areas.

About Welsh Rugby Union

WRU Group combines Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and the Principality Stadium, Cardiff’s world-class sports, concert and exhibition venue. In the modern era, the WRU as a business blends the traditional with the modern; with over 125 years of rugby tradition and heritage. The benefits of the restructure of professional rugby have reaped huge rewards since 2003 with three Six Nations Grand Slams, in 2005, 2008 and 2012, and a fourth championship title in 2013. The Wales Sevens team won the Rugby World Cup Sevens title in Dubai in 2009 and there was also a semi-final place at the 2011 Rugby World Cup which helped turn this period into a third Golden Era for Welsh rugby.

The Group hugely values personal development and understands how each person contributes to the organisation’s overall success and how investing in its people creates more ownership of this success.

Team Coach Insights

Sam Eddleston

Leading Edge Team Coach

Sam Eddleston is the Team Coach responsible for the overarching design of the programme, alongside the role of Client Manager working closely with WRU Group. She tells us:

“It’s wonderful to be supporting Rhodri Lewis and Jo Thomas for the third year with this evolved programme that combines tried-and-trusted modules with new ones to nurture personal development.

What I think is particularly exciting about this journey is how Nurturing Talent is reaching more people by expanding to include colleagues from the Regional teams. This provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance the flow of information throughout WRU Group and build relationships that can tap into departmental and regional knowledge and experience.

Leading Edge Team Coaches Nick Maites and Victoria Freer-Hewish are facilitating this cohort on their development journey, kicking off with an Insights Discovery session this month.”