11 February 2021

Leading Edge are underway with a change programme for Wickes, designed to develop 470 Design Consultants, 220 Store Managers and around 25 Senior Operational Leaders and Directors. We’re thrilled to partner with Wickes again and delighted that this programme has got off to such a brilliant start with virtual workshops taking place during current Covid-19 restrictions.

Wickes’ kitchen and bathroom business is growing, and this programme will further drive that strong performance with a focus on Maximising Performance Conversations through High Performance Partnerships between Store Managers and Design Consultants.

The journey will challenge and support Store Managers to create the best environment for performance coaching, nurturing the Manager/Consultant partnership and building capability and confidence to have great conversations. Coaching conversations will shift from focusing on targets and processes to leading with how the manager can enable the consultant and understand what motivates them.  This shift will ultimately enhance their impact on overall store performance.

Leading Edge’s ‘Director, Client Experience’ Victoria Freer-Hewish, leads this programme for Wickes supported by Team Coaches John Fletcher, Caroline Hampson and Lizzie Simmonds.

About Wickes

Wickes, part of the Travis Perkins Group, has 235 UK stores. Since the first one opened in 1972, Wickes has developed its store offering to allocate more space to home projects and, in 2009, to introduce a professional installation service for kitchens and bathrooms.

The company’s mission is to be the strongest brand in the market while offering outstanding value for money – a cornerstone of its approach over the past 40 years. It has a strong multi-channel offering, giving customers access to a range of How To guides, ideas and advice to support them with their home improvement projects. A Click and Collect and Hourly Delivery service makes it easier for customers to get products when needed.

The company’s design service (which became a virtual/contactless offering in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic restrictions) is provided through experienced Design Consultants who make it straightforward for customers to arrange professional design, delivery and installation of a new kitchen or bathroom without needing to visit a store.

Team Coach Insights

John Fletcher

Leading Edge Team Coach

Leading Edge Team Coach John Fletcher (Fletch) describes what it’s like to support Wickes:

“There’s a strong feeling of pride and ‘Team Wickes’ from everyone I’ve met. The company supports its teams’ development so well, providing opportunities to build on their existing winning behaviours – as with this focus on Maximising Performance Conversations.

One important aspect for Wickes with this programme was to bring together diverse groups from different regions and with varied experience – helped by the current virtual approach, which is going so well. The groups are gaining so many insights around having great performance conversations and picking up on how much they can learn from and support each other.

It was great to hear a Store Manager with 35 years’ experience describe how, following a session we’d just run, he’d already started to think about the step change he could make towards High Performance Partnerships.

We’re a team of Leading Edge Team Coaches from different business and sporting backgrounds, and we love spending time with these diverse and dedicated teams who clearly value time together and openly share feedback to drive performance.”