25 July 2022

Gathering insight to inform and facilitate high performance

Leading Edge are thrilled to be collaborating with sister company Performance Edge to help elevate team performance for new client Siemens.

At a two-day off-site event this month, we’ll combine expertise from Performance Edge and Leading Edge to support Siemens’ Sales and Commercial Directors – and their 20-strong team – with maximising effective ways of working that will help them move from being in a good place to being in a great place.

Before the event, Performance Edge will carry out 1:1 debriefing and decompression interviews with the entire team to gather insight and useful data on any gaps in team performance, with a focus on unpicking barriers to high performance and identifying conflict or tension within the team following a period of virtual working.

Together, Leading Edge and Performance Edge will then use the data to inform and drive activities for the event linked to relevant parts of our Highly Effective Teams (H.E.T.) framework, which is built on our Point of View of what great teams do and how they operate.

About Siemens

Siemens is a multinational technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare with worldwide employee numbers totalling more than 300,000.

Through the creation of technologies with purpose that add real value for customers, Siemens businesses bring about more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, smarter buildings and grids, cleaner and more comfortable transportation, and advanced healthcare.

By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens helps customers to meet the great challenges of our time.

Leading Edge and Performance Edge are supporting Siemens’ Sales function.

Team Coach Insights

Leading Edge Team Coach Ash Smith describes why he’s keen to get in the room with Siemens:

“Working with different teams, whether newly formed or established, is what I love most about being a Team Coach with Leading Edge. The Sales team we’re supporting for Siemens has a mix of tenure, and I’m excited by the challenge of this dynamic and the need to make sure that both long-standing seniors and recent graduates/interns integrate well, play their part and have a say in the team’s vision.

This being an in-person event will strengthen the experience and outcome for all. As Team Coaches, we’ve adapted to effective and engaging virtual delivery, but I know that being in the room with this team will mean deeper conversations and a better sense of where people are at – which will help my facilitation in terms of when to let the conversation flow and when to hold it where it is.

I’m looking forward to using the themes, lessons and extra layer of detail from Performance Edge’s decompression approach to help this team to challenge mindset and agree team behaviours and ways of working.”