17 January 2023

Leading Edge are delighted to be supporting fantastic new client Service Express with a development programme for 20 senior managers based on our points of view on leadership and change.

With significant organisational change bringing stronger commercial emphasis, the newly constituted Board at Service Express is supporting its first-line senior managers with a nine-month programme encompassing what it means to be a leader within the company, how to engage teams in the change progress, and how to drive that change through the business.

We’re thrilled to be working with Adam House again, having met in his previous role at Opus Energy, now Leadership & Development Consultant with Service Express. Through discovery ahead of programme design, what became clear was the need for leadership support as well as a focus on becoming change enabled. This demonstrated the importance of discovery in drawing out what will underpin a client’s desired outcome from a development journey.

The first face-to-face two-day workshop took place in November 2022, and a second two-day session is planned for early 2023. Between workshops, the team at Service Express will create touchpoints and accountability groups. Leading Edge will then facilitate a final follow-up workshop.

About Service Express

Positioned as the global leader in the data centre, Service Express leverages the power of end-to-end solutions to automate support, upgrade performance and optimise IT infrastructure strategy for its customers.

Headquartered in Michigan, USA, with its European Headquarters in Bedford, England, Service Express provides data centre maintenance, managed services, hardware sales and hybrid cloud services, in addition to its ExpressConnect 24/7 hardware support monitoring service.

The organisation has a focus on delivering the best customer experience while empowering employees to reach their goals. By building exceptional teams, technologies and processes, Service Express aims to drive greater value, success and results for those it serves.

As the leader in global infrastructure solutions, it continues to meet new challenges and expand what’s possible for people and the planet.

Team Coach Insights

Ash Smith

Leading Edge Team Coach

Leading Edge Team Coach Ash Smith has designed the programme and is facilitating the workshops. He told us:

“There are so many positives to take out of the first workshop. Spending time away from day-to-day activities, in a great setting, gave people room to breathe and enabled them to be vulnerable and open, and to show such a deep level of connection.

A pre-workshop strengths exercise created a golden thread to run through the journey. On the first day, delegates engaged in activities including ‘Strengths Speed dating’ to help them demonstrate their own strengths and become aware of the strengths of others – people they can turn to for input on leadership challenges or for support with aspects of change.

Even though this group of 20 ‘Heads of’ sit at the same level and all report into the Board, they are never together as a full cohort. One priority for this programme is that the group get to know each other better, make strong connections and have a good feel for who is best placed to support them with particular situations in the future.

I’ve seen some fantastic focus and energy so far, Service Express! It’ll be great to meet up again early 2023 and see how you’re all getting on with your accountabilities and commitments.”