1 February 2019

We’re excited to support new client PureGym with a development programme for senior operations managers.

PureGym is an ambitious brand that’s making significant positive change to the fitness sector. The company’s Chief Operating Officer is Rebecca Passmore, and on the back of supporting Rebecca with many L&D programmes during her time at Wickes, she asked Leading Edge to create a stimulating programme for senior operations colleagues that would match their energy, focus and commitment.

Senior operations roles have changed through a new field structure, and this programme will support the team in stepping up to contribute even more effectively to the business plan.

Working with PureGym provides a fantastic opportunity for Leading Edge to bring our experience of high-performance culture, in both business and sport, to the fitness sector.

About PureGym

PureGym is the UK’s largest private gym operator with over 230 gyms and more than one million members across the UK. Since opening its first gym 10 years ago in 2009, PureGym has put customer needs and innovative technology at the heart of everything it does to fundamentally change the gym industry and open up access to fitness to a wider audience.

A change in ownership in 2017 stepped up PureGym’s expansion schedule, with an operations reorganisation taking place mid-2018 to facilitate delivery of ambitious growth plans alongside investment to develop regional managers and department heads within the newly created Central Operations Team.

Leading Edge kicked off a tailored development programme at the end of 2018 to enable effective change that will support the senior colleagues to achieve the business vision of inspiring a healthy nation. A strong theme throughout this learning journey is delivering laser focussed performance in a high-support, high-challenge culture.

Team Coach Insights

Leading Edge Team Coach Chris Leggett delivered a two-day workshop in November and is now gearing up for the forthcoming follow-up sessions. He gives us an insight into supporting PureGym:

“I can honestly say that working with PureGym’s senior operations managers is hugely stimulating. It’s so clear to see that personal performance matters to each and every person in the room, and this creates a high level of motivation, a strong desire to engage and learn, and plenty of honest discussion.

The delegates care deeply about the opportunity given to them – they’re thirsty for it – and they want to get the very best out of it; the best for them, and the best for their teams.

PureGym has absolute clarity on where it wants to go, what it wants to achieve and how it will get there. It is highly motivating to see how this clarity translates through to the team’s commitment and appetite for development.

Bring on the next module!”