20 May 2019

We love keeping in touch with clients when they move to a new role, and we’re always thrilled when they ask Leading Edge to support them with leadership and development.

Miele GB’s new managing director is John Pickering, a former Leading Edge client from Mars who we worked closely with on various team programmes over many years. We’re just beginning to support the Miele GB board on a journey that will continue the great work already started by John around cultural change and a drive to strengthen Miele’s Immer Besser (Forever Better) culture.

As a well-established high-end domestic appliance brand, Miele has a powerful heritage of developing products that are built to last. We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in a company with continuous improvement at its core.

About Miele

Since Miele was founded in 1899, the company has remained true to its Immer Besser brand promise, doing all it can to be ‘forever better’ than its competitors and ‘forever better’ than it already is. Miele translates this for customers as having the peace of mind to know that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime!

Miele outlines six reasons for choosing its products – quality, technology, convenience, design, service, brand – and supports its built-to-last ethos by being the only manufacturer in its area of industry to test products, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and ovens, to the equivalent of up to 20 years’ use.

The Immer Besser brand promise, with its focus on creating meaningful inventions, aiming for extraordinary and considering every detail, will be at the centre of the Leading Edge development journey.

Team Coach Insights

Clare Burgum

Leading Edge Team Coach

Leading Edge Team Coach Clare Burgum gives her thoughts ahead of this journey:

“Miele is so well-respected for quality of product, quality of service and being built to last, and it achieves all of this through continuous improvement.

My own purpose is to inspire others to do what inspires them – so that we all grow and flourish. The fact that Miele lives by its Immer Besser brand promise, always seeking to better itself and be the world’s most-trusted brand, inspires and excites me as I begin to support the board.

Really getting to know a new client’s brands and products is very important to a Team Coach… and I quickly got to discover all about Miele when my dishwasher packed up just as Leading Edge and Miele were finalising the design for this programme! I am now the proud owner of a Miele dishwasher and can confidently vouch for the brand’s much-coveted innovation and quality.

I absolutely love being associated with Miele and am already thinking of ways to add more appliances to my collection…“