21 April 2023

Bringing the leadership charter to life at National Gas Transmission

We love getting to know a new client, and it was a privilege to support a brilliant group of leaders at National Gas Transmission’s leadership conference earlier this year.

Leading Edge were invited to design and facilitate a workshop for this newly established leadership group on the theme of creating habits to help bring to life the organisation’s new leadership charter.

During the one-day conference, the group of 40 needed time both in their senior teams and as a wider group of leaders. For many, this would be their first time meeting.

We ran energising activities to give the leaders time to come up with and agree new habits before facilitating strong ‘commitment activities’ to wrap up the day with a focus on moving forward with these new habits securely in place.

Leading Edge Team Coach Simon Amor designed and facilitated this leadership conference for National Gas Transmission.



About National Gas Transmission

National Gas Transmission plc is a newly formed holding company created following the sale by National Grid in January 2023 of a 60% equity stake in its gas transmission and metering business.

National Gas Transmission plc is the main operating company for the National Gas Transmission group of companies. It is the backbone of Britain’s energy system and will play a leading role in the transition to a clean energy future for homes and businesses.

The company owns and operates the national gas network, delivering energy to where it is needed in every part of the country. It keeps households warm and underpins their quality of life. For business, it fuels growth and innovation, and is looking to the future by developing the hydrogen transmission system of tomorrow.

Team Coach Insights

Simon Amor

Leading Edge Team Coach

Leading Edge Team Coach Simon Amor shares his experience of working with this group of leaders:

“The concept of supporting individuals and teams to create strong habits linked to high performance is one that’s very familiar to me given my background as both a player and coach in elite sport. So I was delighted to work with this new group of senior leaders as they got to know each other better, created important habits and shared them with the wider group in service of living their new organisation’s leadership charter.

When supporting leaders with forming habits, I reference my insights into high performance sport wherever possible, using examples from my career to visualise both the context and the habit.

Equally important – and probably the harder part – is committing to new habits. This group was full of energy, and I was thrilled with how they bought into this process, sharing stories to align on habits and demonstrating their passion for the company in the commitments they were prepared to make.

Everyone showed incredible focus on creating and committing to habits, habits that I hope will help them develop the company culture and their leadership skills in tandem.”