21 July 2022

Empowering managers to become leaders through change journey

New client Leadec is getting ready for a change journey to empower its managers to become leaders.

We’re delighted to kick off our support for Leadec this month. We’ll be holding discovery calls with 18 managers in July and August ahead of a change journey that runs from September to December, with four cohorts taking part in monthly face-to-face sessions. Between sessions, cohort representatives will share learnings and actions virtually as part of Action Learning Sets, creating opportunities to check in and help everyone to head in the same direction.

Leadec’s Board of Management have surveyed employees about company culture, and are listening to feedback and taking action. This is being further demonstrated with the whole management team going through the change programme with managers to deliver what’s needed. By supporting managers with this move into leadership through a change journey, Leadec is bringing to life how today’s position is transitioning to the desired position.

Leading Edge Team Coaches will facilitate face-to-face sessions for each cohort that focus on providing managers with the tools needed to feel empowered to take responsibility and propose solutions that solve issues.

About Leadec

Leadec is a leading global service specialist, supporting customers in the manufacturing industries with planning, installation and automation to operation of the factories and buildings.

Operating from more than 300 locations throughout the world and with 20,000 employees, Leadec covers the entire lifecycle of a factory, often operating within its customers’ plants and facilities.

In the UK, Leadec has its roots in automotive manufacturing and has expanded to sectors including aerospace, food & beverage, consumer goods, white goods, and wheel & tyre producers.

Leadec focuses on being true service champions, employing services to make sure that production runs smoothly for its customers.

Team Coach Insights

Nigel Rothband

Leading Edge Team Coach

Nigel Rothband is a Leading Edge Team Coach working with Leadec. He says:

“I always enjoy starting a change journey with a new group, particularly so when I can see such big opportunity, as with Leadec.

It’s fantastic how Leadec’s Board of Management have been asking questions and listening to find out what this group of managers wants and needs, and are now putting in place the development opportunities and support needed for success. Not only that, but the whole management team will join managers on the journey as part of each cohort, and this is something important to them.

With sessions planned every four weeks from September to December, there’s a lot to fit in. Team Coaches will build in time for reflection, helping individuals to take what they need from the journey and have the opportunity to think about what their first step is towards change.

There’s a mix of managers with different seniority and from various business areas and locations in each cohort, so we know everyone will take something different away from the sessions – and we want everyone to feel in a position to share their wins and celebrate a successful journey.”