7 May 2021

Transforming our H.E.T journey to meet the senior leadership team needs during the pandemic

We began our relationship with Johnson Matthey a few years ago and we’re proud of how our partnership with the company has evolved, particularly in the past year while navigating a Highly Effective Teams (H.E.T.) journey in a changed landscape.

To enable our work with the JM IT Leadership Team to carry on during the pandemic restrictions, we transformed our established H.E.T. journey – with encouragement from our client. They were open to doing something different to maintain the momentum we’d started, recognising the importance of continuing to support leaders going through change, both internally and now externally.

We adapted our usual three-day approach to H.E.T. to combine half-day virtual sessions for the full team with bitesize one-to-one coaching sessions for each team member.

This new journey better suits a fully virtual environment. Running shorter full-team sessions backed up with individualised coaching took away the concern of people becoming ineffective when faced with a full day on screen. And by taking a balanced approach of team and individual development, we’re providing space for a more personal, more reflective experience for each team member.


About Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey has a vision for a world that’s cleaner and healthier – today, and for future generations. As a global leader in sustainable technologies, working in 30 countries and employing more than 15,000 people, Johnson Matthey applies cutting-edge science to create solutions with its customers that make a real difference to the world around them.

The company applies scientific expertise across four global sectors: enabling cleaner air through emission-controlled catalytic convertors, improving health by developing active pharmaceutical ingredients for treatments for cancer and heart disease, pioneering advanced methods for recycling precious metals, and developing battery materials for new markets.

From a standpoint of inspiring science and enhancing life, Johnson Matthey is into its third century of continually investing in sound research and development to tackle the world’s big challenges.

Team Coach Insights

Caroline Hampson

Leading Edge Team Coach

Caroline Hampson is our Team Coach supporting Johnson Matthey. She said:

“I’ve been delighted with the adaptability from everyone at Johnson Matthey. We’d just run our first face-to-face Highly Effective Teams workshop when the first lockdown hit, so the easiest decision from our client would have been to press pause.

In reality, the situation provided an exciting opportunity to keep going and switch our focus to virtual development. I honestly think that spending time with people in a team environment and in an individual setting has helped me to delve deeper into what works for them, from both a support and a challenge perspective.

Bitesize one-to-one coaching provides a safe space where I can zero in on individual habits and behaviours and then have conversations that shift the dial, with the opportunity for building on this in the next virtual full-team session.

I’ve had great feedback on the impact of the individual coaching and how actions or challenges discussed have then played out positively and beneficially in the team setting.”