13 March 2019

Leading Edge’s invitation to start discussions with global brand Bayer around leadership and engagement support came following a recommendation from a Bayer colleague who knew of our proven track record in this space. A recommendation is always a great way to start a new relationship.

We were thrilled to explore how, as an external provider, we could work best with Bayer to understand current team engagement and move forward with tailored sessions.

Since starting our support for Bayer in July 2018, we’ve listened, fed back and digested before designing and delivering a Highly Effective Teams (H.E.T.) journey for the Consumer Health Marketing Team and supported the Senior Leadership Team with face-to-face coaching.

Employee engagement is hugely important at Bayer, and the most recent engagement results just out show a very positive uplift in engagement and trust from this supported team.

About Bayer

Bayer is a leading Life Science company with more than 150 years in the industry and core competencies in healthcare and agriculture. Through product innovation, Bayer finds solutions to major challenges in its sector, and the organisation remains competitive by continually finding ways to make a difference to the business and to performance overall.

Bayer’s Consumer Health division has a vision to make self-care for a better life a reality for billions of people around the world through everyday healthcare. The division’s product portfolio contains mainly non-prescription products in categories including dermatology, nutritionals, digestive health, and cough and cold. Alka Seltzer, Canesten, Claritin and Rennie are some of its globally known brands.

It’s in the Consumer Health division in UK and Ireland where Leading Edge has been supporting the Marketing Team with a journey focussed on achieving alignment, boosting engagement and working together to drive business performance, with coaching for the team’s two managers to provide additional support and guidance in times of change.

Team Coach Insights

Janine Owen is the Leading Edge Team Coach working with Bayer’s Consumer Health Marketing Team. In her words:

“We began our support for Bayer with listening sessions with the Marketing Team to truly understand our starting point. It quickly became clear that a tailored H.E.T. team journey was the way to fully support these team members, helping them to become more aware of each other’s preferences and strengths and more focussed on achieving together – as a unified team.

I’ve also been coaching two senior leaders to support them in improving engagement and achieving sustained success linked to the team’s H.E.T. journeys. The team had experienced plenty of change – people leaving, new people joining – and coaching has helped these leaders to adapt their behaviour, focus on business-critical goals and support the team to deliver high performance.

Bayer is a great organisation with a lovely culture and a strong emphasis on employee engagement. The transformation I’ve seen is incredible.”