The challenge:

Across multiple Olympic programmes, Team GB needed their athletes, coaches and support staff to be better prepared than their opposition.  Creating a world class athlete requires a world class team around them, and understanding how the team operates in the specific context of their competitive environment is essential.

Understanding the needs of individuals in the team, the best means to support them and preserve their performance advantages was necessary to manage the pressure that comes with time in a competitive environment.  Making athletes and coaches more aware of their trigger points, opportunities to capitalise on mindset, and their likely behaviours when immersed in the competitive environment needed to build on existing psychometric profiling, and complement the existing programme.

What we delivered:

Performance Edge worked across two disciplines preparing for Tokyo, one working with an athlete and their support, and the other working with a larger team of coaches and support staff.

The work involved detailed in-environment observations, interviews, profiling and unique experiences (in person and virtual) that gave the team a chance to delve into their performance in preparation for Tokyo.  Performance Edge created a unique profile for each person involved, projecting their behaviours and perspectives into the Olympic environment, and supported their understanding with collective and 1:1 coaching sessions.

The results achieved:

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