The challenge:

Awareness from leaders of an upcoming busy period was the driver for Siemens Mobility UK sales team to be deliberate about seeking marginal gains and efficiencies.

In early 2022 the leaders recognised that the team needed to prepare well for a significant bidding period – and engaged Leading Edge and Performance Edge to support with planning and facilitating an impactful two-day off-site, themed Good to Great.

What we delivered:

Performance Edge conducted decompression interviews with 12 team members to hear their positive/negative experiences, listen for key themes, uncover paradoxes and understand their potential impact.

Themes were reported back – first to the Directors, then to the team on the day – using ‘strength of feeling’ and ‘volume of response’ as indicators of importance and impact.

Through a collaboration exercise to kick off day 1, the team collectively took ownership for the decompression themes, narrowing down to the three most important that were in their control. These themes became a lens through which to view all activities and conversations over the two days, helping to maintain focus on the path ahead.

Human intelligence is more than hunting for problems. As well as drawing out things to resolve, decompression interviews are about listening for what’s going well: things to exploit and explore.

  • Resolve: Needs addressing – could create conflict if not dealt with
  • Exploit: Already going well and could be replicated elsewhere
  • Explore: Offers potential for significant benefits or increases in performance

The results achieved:

Leading Edge Team Coach Ash then facilitated activities and conversations that explored real-time challenges and topics from decompression, at a two-day offsite.  Themes for team focus included:

Performance Edge provided early insight that paradoxes in our team's ambitions were restricting its development. Undertaking the decompression interviews before our annual off-site enabled us to get straight to the points that mattered to our team and address those paradoxes. We hit the ground running over a very productive 2 day off-site with Leading Edge with a focused and well-run agenda, the output of which has undoubtedly enabled us to move forwards towards our goals. We'll be continuing that development journey this year.”

- Paul Baines, Sales Director – Rolling Stock, Siemens Mobility Limited

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