The challenge:

Running multiple construction tasks in the UK, including in retail, industrial, education and social care settings, the MCS team needed to understand people in detail, and negotiate effectively to deliver their projects.  Being able to navigate the human relationships and dynamics effectively helps to ensure a more timely, effective delivery.

MCS wanted to invest in improving their team’s ability to understand other people, to enhance how they approach negotiation and be more deliberate in how they consider the networks and connections that are crucial to projects being delivered on time, with minimal additional costs and in a way that preserves relationships for the future.

What we delivered:

Performance Edge immersed themselves in a live case study with MCS, and over the course of 3 sessions (each a week apart), guided the team through new ways of approaching the human dimensions of their business.  The sessions covered theory and key principles before introducing frameworks that were used and tested on the live project.  The sessions blended discussion, coaching, co-planning and red teaming / critical analysis.

Over the sessions a detailed map of the network of people around the problem was made, individual communication preferences and styles were better understood and detailed planning took place, to bring about positive change on the client’s objective.

The results achieved:

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