The challenge:

Jaguar Land Rover engaged Leading Edge to facilitate focussed development in a fast-growing environment. Here’s their story…

Iconic British car brand Jaguar Land Rover has experienced sustained growth in recent years and at the heart of the UK business is the Cost Engineering Team, led by Director of Cost Engineering Kevin Maher. This rapid organisational growth was placing increased demand for support from the Cost Engineering function – the team needed to grow, both in number and in ability to influence stakeholders.

Kevin identified a need for his growing team to be supported through a bespoke management development programme that would help to develop a happy, efficient and effective team that delivered business results, and approached Leading Edge for support.

Many principles support successful development programmes, not least the need for a growth, rather than fixed, mindset*, and to gain increased awareness of others’ perspectives to build platforms for influence.

In addition, what sits at the heart of the Leading Edge approach to successful and sustainable programmes is the firm belief that being able to dance takes more than just learning the steps. Changing behaviour or learning a new skill doesn’t happen in a single moment. It is the first step of a journey that needs conscious choice, courage, curiosity and a commitment to change. And learners need the opportunity to practise these steps and become comfortable with how ‘the dance’ feels for them.

* Carol Dweck

What we delivered:

Leading Edge had previously supported a smaller Jaguar Land Rover management team with personal presentation skills. To enhance this development, we designed and delivered ‘Building on Success,’ consisting of four interventions for the whole team with additional personalised support ‘clinics’ for individuals. We painted the vision for the programme with an evening event including a ‘Pit Stop Challenge’ team activity created specifically for Jaguar Land Rover by our partners Bright Vision.

The identified need was to tackle live business issues and concerns while raising the bar on individual and team credibility and competence in the business. This ‘facing-in’ to challenges throughout the workshop meant conflict that surfaced real-time was facilitated in the learning environment, using Insights Discovery as a tool to raise self-awareness and boost awareness of the preferences of others.

What sets Leading Edge apart is where some consultancies will ‘train’ in skills knowledge, we ‘facilitate’ skills development. This distinction is important – facilitation helps delegates to get the support they need to address and resolve real conflict situations and challenges. This success then boosts their confidence and belief in their ability to face similar workplace situations in the future.

The results achieved:

  • Leading Edge’s intervention with the Cost Engineering Team has both enhanced personal ability to present and strengthened individual ability to strategically influence in this culture of growth
  • Further support was provided to the team post-event with a Leading Edge-created e-reinforcement kit to provide easy access to the various tools and principles worked through during the facilitated sessions
  • The team continues to develop and maintain great stakeholder relationships that are essential to ensuring business needs are delivered


We’ve seen an immediate impact as a result of the programme – from our own perspectives and from the wider business. There’s less silo working, and a sense of alignment to a clear vision and purpose for the team.”

- Kevin Maher, Director of Cost Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover

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