The challenge:

The senior leadership team (SLT) of Insight Technology was undergoing a period of extensive change, pivoting from being a product delivery business to a more services based platform.  In this period of change, the team needed to come together, maximise their strengths and recalibrate the most effective behaviours to achieve their goals, in line with the values of the organisation.

The team needed a clearer sense of their collective story going forward, how they wanted to turn up and what behaviours will be most impactful.  They needed to reduce friction, reveal blind spots and understand how their environment was calibrated, clarifying what behaviours and preferences it rewarded, to allow the leadership to calibrate it to get the most from the team.

What we delivered:

Performance Edge immersed itself in the team, working with them to understand their current landscape and build a direction of travel that the whole group was invested in.  This included working out what unique behaviours will be essential to the task for this group, as well as looking at organisational values and understanding how they turn up in behaviours.  Instead of using a generic psychometric, Performance Edge created and ran detailed, nuanced 360 interviews with the team and key adjacent stakeholders to understand the behaviours, strengths and blind spots of the team.  It shone a light on how people experience working with others, and how the values and behaviours turn up, allowing the team to maximise use of its strengths.

The Narrative Arc profiles formed the basis for feedback and coaching conversations, giving everyone involved a common language and nuanced start point to drive performance and the development of the target behaviours.

The results achieved:

The Narrative Arc project has enabled our leaders to access a lot more precision to understand their behaviors, and from there to be more intent in shaping the environment they create for high performance.

In parallel, through these conversations, participants also got an opportunity to step back and think about sharing insights that would be helpful for their partners, taking another angle on everyday interactions to provide more thorough feedback relating to common values.

This project has really helped putting a spotlight on the importance of Human Intelligence in environments where automation and AI are also a major angle of performance.”

- Magali Dolo,|  Head of Leadership, Management Development EMEA

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