The challenge:

Insight, which empowers organisations to maximise the business value of IT, recognised the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic situation on its leaders and managers across the EMEA region. This led the senior team to seek out tailored support from an experienced partner on the themes of personal wellbeing and performance.

This intentionality to provide more than a simple “well done – and keep going” message came as the UK headed into a second lockdown and the challenge of the previous months was being felt throughout the organisation. The input desired by Magali Dolo, Head of Leadership & Management Development EMEA, and Stefan Tonnon, VP of Human Resources EMEA was to provide provocations, themes and messages – in a manageable bitesize format – aligned with the company values and Leadership Commitments.

Leading Edge were engaged to design and deliver webinar sessions and follow-up resources for leaders and managers focused on giving practical advice on self-management and how to support teams during the ongoing complexity.

What we delivered:

Our focus for supporting Insight was to ensure sessions were compact, easy to access, relevant with immediate takeaways, and engaging through a storytelling style. The need for long-lasting benefit through provocation around wellbeing and follow-up to embed insights were also top of mind.

Aligned to our work on Performance Wellbeing, we devised a multi-faceted approach, providing helpful and engaging content and resources in three ways: a 30-minute lunchtime webinar, a recorded Q&A session to follow up on questions, and a personal reflections blog from the speaker, which was emailed to each attendee. Insight made all content easily accessible via an internal platform.

Leading Edge Team Coaches created stimulating sessions around six themes, all mapped to their unique passions within Performance Wellbeing and based on individual experiences. Our Team Coach speakers included an Olympian exploring the value of resilience, a business owner/NLP coach on creating conditions for high performance, and a Chartered Psychologist sharing healthy habits linked to a passion for the Tiny Habits book.

The results achieved:

As many organisations will have found, the Covid-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented change in the ways we work. At Insight, the well-being of our teammates is central to everything we do. But we were acutely aware that despite our award-winning culture, our approach as leaders would need to adapt with the onset of the pandemic. By partnering with Leading Edge, we were able to leverage their expertise through their Team Coaches, sharing knowledge and exploring tools and resources that would help support our leaders during this time.
Working with Leading Edge was really combining the best of what we were looking to achieve – getting access to their Team Coaches bringing their expertise and experience from various fields in High Performance Sports Environment or Psychology to the reality of our Leaders’ new requirements with the changes brought by the pandemic.
The outcome was positive as this partnership helped with creating a recurrent gathering for our Leadership Community across EMEA, it also helped provide a routine of a time capsule for our leaders to take a step back, explore knowledge on various areas such as exploring emotions, mindset or even getting the balance right in these new conditions. ”

- Magali Dolo, Head of Leadership & Management Development EMEA, Insight

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