The challenge:

The company


Their Challenge


The Model

We created a programme based on ‘Connected Culture’ – a holistic approach to supporting culture transformation.

Connected Culture means;

A culture where the individuals unique contribution is maximised and recognised to aid the collective achievement of the organisation goals

A culture where the answer to the ‘Why?’ question forms the bedrock of every decision and activity

A culture where alignment to the organisation purpose and values is clear from topfloor to shopfloor

What we delivered:

A journey of concurrent linked programmes for the leadership and service teams which challenged and supported individuals to

  • Lead visibly and authentically
  • Really buy-in to the change – hearts, minds and guts
  • Focus on the personal contribution they can make
  • Challenge to Change behaviour – by ‘flicking the off switch’
  • Bite sized activities planned to accommodate shift patterns, with flexible cohorts to maximise attendance

The results achieved:

What is different?

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