The challenge:

Following an employee engagement survey that looked at their global employee base, Glanbia wanted to really develop their understanding of 3 key areas.  The survey gave them statistical data points, but did not reveal the key information behind the numbers – why are these areas of interest, how are they connected and what can we do about them?

Deciding that using a trusted external partner would increase engagement and save the business time, Glanbia and Performance Edge developed a detailed plan of how to approach the 3 areas of interest. Rather than simply repeat a survey and generate similar, traditional “data points,” the team needed to get insights on experience, employee perspectives on how to develop the business and to simplify the complex challenges faced by a business working across multiple brands around the world.

What we delivered:

The Performance Edge team spent time analysing and understanding Glanbia’s survey data, and worked with their team to identify the best, representative sample set of employees.  The team then began a series of 1:1 interviews and discussion forums, focused on the 3 key areas for Glanbia across the UK, EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.  Conversations were had across a huge range of roles and seniorities drawing out key differences in experience, as well as overarching themes and trends influencing employee experience.

With the data gathered, Performance Edge created a detailed, functional report that formed the basis for discussions with senior leaders.  The findings were explored with Glanbia’s leadership, and reported to the whole employee population via a Global Town Hall.

The results achieved:

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