The challenge:

Our client recognised that 2021 had had a huge impact on their workforce, leaving many of them exhausted.  To ensure that they approached 2022 in the most effective way, they wanted to gather more information and perspectives, to really understand their employee experience, their wellbeing and what to do next.

There was a need for more nuance and clarity in the information they gather, to augment and supplement the initial findings of an employee engagement survey.  The focus was broad;  stakeholders wanted to understand the employee experience not just at the “sharp end” of negotiation and purchasing, but also the experience of the essential support functions, such as legal and administration, so that their 2022 strategy would have the biggest positive impact for the widest possible audience.

What we delivered:

The Performance Edge team conducted detailed 1:1 interviews with a representative sample of the workforce.  The work intentionally took the perspectives of a range of employees, from recent graduate entrants to senior executives with 20+ years experience.

The interviews led to a comprehensive thematic analysis and the capturing of details and nuance not possible in an employee engagement survey.  The range of perspectives were analysed, contextualised and made accessible for decision makers.

The report and its findings were played back to the whole team (150 people) at a kick-off event, demonstrating the utility of the insight and their commitment to the team.  Senior leaders also workshopped the findings in detail, supported by Performance Edge.

The results achieved:

"The decompression work delivered by Performance Edge has given us an unparalleled advantage. The clarity we now collectively have on the challenges and opportunities, alongside the recommendations made by Performance Edge, have given us a strong foundation and a real sense of momentum.”

- Project Lead

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