Transforming the way managers see their teams

A testimonial from our client Arco

“As part of our commitment to our long term business goals of not only increasing sales and profit but also helping our organisation become a greater place to work, we wanted to transform the way we had traditionally developed our management team throughout the business.

Therefore I went into the market to find a partner who could work with us for the long term strategic direction of the business.  Having done a comprehensive search I was very impressed by the approach that Leading Edge took to understanding our company requirements. 

Right from the first meeting their commercial approach, flexibility and deep understanding of the drivers of both business performance and engagement were evident.  I met a number of the team who all shared the very strong ethos of partnership that Leading Edge prides itself on achieving.

We are now some two years since that first meeting and have developed and delivered three programmes in conjunction with Leading Edge, the first for our executive team led by a very experienced business coach.  We have as an executive team undertaken development workshops, strategy facilitation, 1-2-1 and team coaching.  At our senior management level we developed our Excellence in Leadership programme.  The development of this programme was very much led by the Leading Edge team, as at the time we did not have the right internal capability to add a great deal of value to the development side of the programme and we were guided through our options.

We debated at length our business requirement versus the return on investment we could hope to achieve.  Our 40 strong senior management team all benefited from the five module workshops, which was very much grounded in developing our high performance culture, our engagement, knowledge and approach, and underpinned our already established core values and leadership competencies.

There were strong links between the two programmes so that the tools and techniques shared were visible to both groups.

Finally, and probably the most impactful, was the development of our Putting People First programme.  This was a programme that was initially piloted with 60 members of our people management population.  These are people from right across the organisation who have one thing in common i.e. they manage people.  One of our challenges was to really build management capability and help that population to truly understand their responsibilities for their teams, from both a performance, coaching, engagement and development perspective.

The five module programme that we put together really took that team back to basics.  It gave really hands on practical tools that these managers could take back and try out and use in their everyday working.  The success of that pilot programme resulted in us rolling out to approx 240 people managers across the organisation and the success of that programme has been evident in the feedback that we get.

People talk about how it has transformed the way that they see their teams, how people now truly understand their management style and the impact that it can have on those people around them.  

One of the measures for the success of this programme was whether or not we would increase engagement levels, particularly in the management relationship.  Having had a full cycle of engagement surveys since the programme commenced we can see that levels of engagement of both senior management and people management levels have increased in the organisation.

People are responding more positively to “I understand the role I have to play in our company’s success” as well as “I feel the development I receive in this organisation is of great benefit to me”.

We remain committed to helping Arco continue on its journey of being a great place to work and Leading Edge have truly partnered with us on that journey.  They have accelerated our path and we continue to see their team very much a part of our team.

We set out to look for an organisation that could transform the way we viewed leadership and management development in the business and I am delighted to say that we found this in Leading Edge.”