Team Coaches – the same but different

Throughout April we’ll be introducing you to all of our Team Coaches by sharing their Leading Edge biographies on our social media platforms.

I’m proud that our Team Coaches bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and have taken very different pathways to the Leading Edge door.

We’ve got an ex civil engineer, Metropolitan Police Officer and the CEO of the Retail Trust.  There’s a business psychologist, a Woolworths store manager and the Performance Director of Olympic Canoeing.

We’re located from York to Surrey, Bristol to Cambridge.

But we ‘show up’ as Team Green.

Being a member of Team Green is about living our Green Thread … our creed is ‘if it matters to you, it matters to us’.  Team Coaches are authentically humble and curious, able to bring their warrior and value moments together.   This is the main focus of what we look for in selecting new Team Coaches.

We also expect our Team Coaches to wear five ‘hats’ for every client:

  • Facilitator
  • Learning Expert
  • Coach
  • Business Consultant
  • and to be there for you

This is where the experiences and different pathways for Team Coaches converge – the ability to be able to wear the five hats (often concurrently!) is what really sorts the one dimensional trainer or coach from a Team Coach.

The freedom the five hats gives us is to embrace different expertise, life experiences and preferences, while delivering a common Leading Edge experience to every delegate in every client.

If you’re interested in joining Team Green, contact us at