Proud Finalists

Tuesday night’s People Management Awards was a fantastic evening for Team Green. Not because we won the award we were shortlisted for (alas, no), but because we spent a fabulous evening celebrating with our client AkzoNobel….

Am I disappointed we didn’t win? Absolutely. We are proud of the impact our team initiative had across the business.

Today I was asked ‘do you think you deserved it more than the winners?’ Absolutely not.

And there lies in the challenge in awards I guess… comparing submissions for unique and complex solutions, in fast paced organisations isn’t like a blind taste-test for Ketchup, where you ‘just pick one’.

It’s a far more onerous task to identify the size of the challenge, the real innovation of the solution, and the long term impact of the investment (big recognition for the complexity the judges face!)


As Peter Cheese said, during the evening, we should all be proud and recognise the impact we’ve had on the people in our organisations. (we are and we do!)

If only we could all bring home a lovely glass trophy too!