Networking that works

We’ve been considering the idea of creating a networking ‘forum’ for senior L&D, HR and engagement professionals for some time..   driven by an awareness that we have amazing connections in amazingly diverse businesses and sectors.

Last week saw our inaugural ‘Connected’ event bring together people leaders from a marketing agency, an NHS trust, financial services, high street retailing and FMCG manufacturing.   They brought a real mix of sectors and industry experience, current challenges and people strategies; and in common had a desire to create ‘networking with purpose’.

We asked them what makes for great networking and the focus on some of the answers surprised us.  We expected:

  • interesting topics with expert input
  • smaller groups and an informal approach
  • planned calendar of events that we can ‘protect’

We were surprised by the answers that focussed the ownership for success firmly at the door of the attendee:

  • attendees taking personal responsibility for being curious and sharing
  • exploring different perspectives with a ‘learning’ mindset
  • taking the opportunity to share and build ‘beyond the event’

We’re encouraged to grow ‘Connected’ with these principles in mind and look forward to meeting with the group again in February (and are currently exploring the possible topics for focus)

If you’re interested in finding out more about ‘Connected’, please do get in touch.