Labours leadership darkhorse .. could you have one in your stable?

As the Labour leadership election enters it’s fraught and final stages (with ballot papers starting to be issued today), the headlines are dominated with Jeremy Corbyn, or ‘the veteran left-wing darkhorse’ as most journalistic by-lines describe him.

Having been an MP for 22 years, it seems the cause of much of the speculation around Mr Corbyn is based in ‘how come we’ve never heard of him?’   And bearing in mind he only threw his hat in to ring on 2 May, it’s amazing how quickly he’s become a household name, and the front runner for the leadership role (How many of the other candidates can you name?)

I’m reminded of the great Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy video –


Standing for election may well have felt as risky and potentially foolish as the lone guy dancing in the field, until Mr Corbyn got joined by his first followers.

‘The first follower transforms the nut into a leader’  – and the video shows how quickly a movement can grow.

Made me think about the number of ‘nuts’ that could be hidden in every organization – potential leadership darkhorses who need the faith of a first follower to create a compelling movement.

Perhaps one of our biggest challenges is ensuring talent and succession activities identify these ‘nuts’ and ‘darkhorses’, as well as the more obvious ‘shining stars’?