Cutting Plastic Pollution – the Change Equation in action

I was excited to hear that some of the world’s biggest brands have signed up to a pact to reduce plastic waste.  The likes of Coca Cola, PepsiCo and Unilever have a list of goals to reduce packaging and increase recycling by 2025.

Dannemiller’s Change Equation is a key part of our Leading Edge approach to change: C=(DxVxF) > R. That is, Change only happens when Dissatisfaction with the status quo x Vision for the future x First Steps are greater than the Resistance to change.

So why has it taken so long for businesses to focus on reducing plastics and how does this relate to the change equation?  My belief is that programmes such as Blue Planet and campaigns like Sky’s Ocean Rescue have driven people’s Dissatisfaction to a level that has been noticed by the brands.  We need to keep reminding ourselves of the damage plastics are doing, to maintain the drive the Dissatisfaction gives.  Combined with a clear Vision for the future and clear First Steps, we will overcome the Resistance (the convenience of plastics) and reduce the damage plastics are doing do our environment.  As for me, my First Steps are to buy refillable water and coffee containers!