Performance Edge.

Consulting for Competitive Advantage

Debriefing and decompresssion that gathers information

We know the benefits of supporting your teams to learn new skills and behaviours for their own performance development. We also know that there are times when you want a trusted partner to research, collate and objectively recommend the steps you need to collectively or individually take.

Huge amounts of technical and tactical information, as well as insights into culture, values and engagement can be found in teams and organisations, but it is often an untapped resource. Performance Edge has pioneered a unique process of debriefing and decompression that gathers this information and uses it to support learning lessons that create a framework for repeatable success. It also brings teams together and helps manage stress after critical activity.

The team pursues a creative approach to consulting for high performance, trusted by sport and business to immerse and experiment in environments and test out different hypothesis. This has led to red teaming and critique of plans from a human angle, mapping times of maximum danger and looking at what can be projected out to others.

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