Transformational change.. or simply the power of Habits

Transformational change.  The two words seem extraordinarily coupled in all sorts of guises.  Many organisational gurus and business thought leaders no longer talk about ‘change’.. they automatically couple ‘transformational’ in front of ‘change’. But surely ‘transformational’ is either superfluous (by its nature, all change ‘transforms’?) or we’re at risk of making change a super tanker,

How many people does it take to run a Marathon?

Marathon running is a solo activity, isn’t it?   Hours of pounding the roads and byways on training runs, with a hydration pack and an mobile phone for emergencies Having just run Dublin Marathon this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the many faces of the ‘support team’ that make a marathon possible     Kate Davies,

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We’re on the lookout for great Team Coaches

We’re always looking for great Team Coaches to join us at Leading Edge, and we’re hosting another of our Coffee and Croissant mornings at L.E Towers on Thursday 27th June. It’s an opportunity for potential Team Coaches to come and meet Team Green, have a chat and see if there’s a match. For your chance

London 2012 – my purpose as a Gamesmaker

Our recent posts about creating a movement sparked some memories for me around a time when I was part of one of the biggest volunteer movements in peacetime in the UK London 2012 .. the second time we’d hosted the Olympic Games in this country, involved the recruitment, training and engagement of 70000 volunteers to

Holiday Recharge!

As the last week of school approaches for many families, there’s lots of excited playground chatter about what people will be up to over the summer holidays. Which got me thinking about holidays and their effect on us.   The benefits of relieving stress and boosting wellbeing are well known, but what else can we do

Leadership (with a small ‘l’)

Leadership in a sporting context is often very visual: the captain’s armband, a vocal player on the pitch or a passionate coach giving direction from the sidelines. And leadership can be similarly visual in a business environment where a job title, having line management responsibility or – although less so in the modern workplace –

Developing today for an unknown tomorrow

This weekend, England Rugby kick off their first game of a three-Test summer tour against South Africa, which is being labelled as a test of Eddie Jones’s rapidly developing side ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. For some of the younger players in the squad, it’s the World Cup four years on from that

Effectiveness v’s Efficiency in the World of Learning

I attend events like the World of Learning Conference like Patrick’s dog Barney approaches meeting new dogs (so he tells me -Patrick not Barney!) I bound off with bags of enthusiasm about the possibilities and often return with my metaphorical tail between my legs, slightly deflated by my expectations not being met So today I