Team Green

Rugby, education and Love = High Performance Turnaround

Friday saw us bring together 40+ directors of Sport, Talent Development Managers and senior business leaders from retail, hospitality, food, utilities, automotive and pharmaceutical to explore #turnaround stories  – the fourth event we’ve hosted in as series around #highperformance Our setting for this event was the Thomas Becket Catholic School, Northampton a #Turnaround story lead

Introducing TEAMEDGE

You can read all about our collaboration with the British Olympic Association in the attached file.. we look forward to chatting to you all about it!

500 Days to Tokyo 2020… Day 1 of TEAMEDGE

The words ‘thrilled’, ‘delighted’ and ‘proud’ are all in the mix today because we can finally share the hugely exciting news that Leading Edge are collaborating with Team GB on a unique learning and development opportunity. This collaboration is TEAMEDGE. Today is 500 days to Tokyo 2020 – the next Olympics – and it’s the

Onboarding .. fast track to feeling at home

Onboarding – the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization. A process of familiarisation with “how we do things around here”…   That definition would be recognised by most of us as the purpose of the company induction or onboarding period. However it can’t be as transactional as this sounds can it? 

An evergreen year

A lookback over the year can often evoke those “Did we really achieve that?” thoughts, and some of the Leading Edge highlights of 2018 certainly fall into that category. Fantastic clients, amazing opportunities, powerful moments, growing relationships – all wrapped up in our strong belief, or you might say, mantra, that “If it matters to

Team Green welcomes John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Leading Edge is delighted to welcome former rugby professional and England coach John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher to Team Green in the role of Team Coach. Fletch played first team rugby for Tynedale, Northampton, Newcastle and Gosforth, and was awarded England honours with A team selection. His impressive coaching career began with Newcastle Falcons, where he joined

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We’re on the lookout for great Team Coaches

We’re always looking for great Team Coaches to join us at Leading Edge, and we’re hosting another of our Coffee and Croissant mornings at L.E Towers on Tuesday 22nd May. It’s an opportunity for potential Team Coaches to come and meet Team Green, have a chat and see if there’s a match. For your chance

Team Coaches – the same but different

Throughout April we’ll be introducing you to all of our Team Coaches by sharing their Leading Edge biographies on our social media platforms. I’m proud that our Team Coaches bring diverse backgrounds, experiences and have taken very different pathways to the Leading Edge door. We’ve got an ex civil engineer, Metropolitan Police Officer and the

Logical Levels in Action!

Two of our ‘Team Green’ Team Coaches recently paired up to run the first cohort of an exciting new leadership development programme.  Our duo used Dilts Logical Levels to stimulate the group’s thinking about What Makes You ‘You’?  In particular, using DILTS to explore a result or outcome that is and is not being achieved

Action Planning with Impact

Recently we’ve been supporting a client with a series of ‘Hot House’ events.  The concept is to remove a team from their day to day activities so they can focus on solving their key business issues.  As well as improving their team effectiveness, they are set a financial challenge target. These require some nifty facilitation

It’s all down to ‘Discovery’!

Over the last few weeks, conversations with several of our Team Coaches have highlighted a really important part of our Leading Edge approach – Discovery. Discovery is the first part of our 4D’s: Discovery, Design, Deliver and Develop. Discovery is key to us understanding our client’s business, culture and people.  How we approach this ranges