Making sense in a complex world.. if not you, who?

Being the ‘Sense Maker’ is an often overlooked skill for leaders.  We’d describe it as being able to share information and clarity around the organisation in an engaging way with the teams within it… and similarly to represent the views, concerns, ambitions and focusses of the teams back to the wider organisation.   At Leading

Reflecting … ahead of the weekend ahead!

As we head into the first Six Nations match day of 2019, I’ve been reflecting on another fantastic experience with the 20 best of the best players who are most likely to play for England We’ve just delivered our seventh camp over three years, this time focussing specifically on how we can use our brains more

Embracing the paradoxes of leadership.. how contradictions can be true

  The need to ‘Embrace Paradox’ may seem a profound thing to say, particularly in the context leadership where we are often looking for clarity. At Leading Edge we see the ability to entertain and ‘Embrace Paradox’ as a key early tenant of being a good leader. Without paradox we risk singularity… The danger of

An evergreen year

A lookback over the year can often evoke those “Did we really achieve that?” thoughts, and some of the Leading Edge highlights of 2018 certainly fall into that category. Fantastic clients, amazing opportunities, powerful moments, growing relationships – all wrapped up in our strong belief, or you might say, mantra, that “If it matters to

Guest Blog: 3 stories from 3 different worlds by Kurt Lindley

Last week we hosted 60 clients and colleagues at the headquarters of the British Olympic Association in central London, to explore together ‘Building Successful Brands through Culture’   Attendees included Technical Directors from the Football Association, two sporting MBEs, four England internationals across multiple disciplines and clients from businesses as diverse as M&S, Miele and

an evening of high performance discussion ahead

Tonight, Leading Edge are delighted to be hosting an evening for over 60 of our clients and colleagues at the prestigious offices of the British Olympic Association (BOA), home of Team GB. This is the third evening we’ve hosted this year, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring business and sports people together who

Forming opinions with England Rugby’s next generation

I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to really get to know some of England Rugby’s young players in the past two years through a series of off-field development activities that Leading Edge has designed, created and co-ordinated for the RFU. With these character-building activities, we take the players out of their comfort zones to develop their

In my opinion…… powerful words

I’m sure we all say ‘In my opinion’ quite readily – I know I do – but only recently have I fully  delved into considering the area of ‘having an opinion’. This came about for the most recent development activity for the RFU, where Leading Edge is supporting England Rugby to develop the future stars

Team Green welcomes John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Leading Edge is delighted to welcome former rugby professional and England coach John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher to Team Green in the role of Team Coach. Fletch played first team rugby for Tynedale, Northampton, Newcastle and Gosforth, and was awarded England honours with A team selection. His impressive coaching career began with Newcastle Falcons, where he joined

Spotted any ‘chimps’ in the England camp?

As the England football team plays their first World Cup games, the importance of team and high performance is topical this week. We’re big fans of applying learnings from sport to business (and vice versa).  When a team comes under some pressure, the strength of the relationships and how well members can support each other

The time to learn

On Friday we hosted our second high performance event .. bringing together individuals from professional sport and successful business to explore ideas and share thinking Under the concept topic of ‘developing millennials’ we heard relevant insight from Jim Rothnie from McCann who’ve recently conducted a major research study into the habits and mindsets of this