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Clarity of Self.. and it’s influence on leading

Who am I and how do I present? Leading Edge see ‘Clarity of Identity’ as the foundation of authentic leadership. But focus and consideration for Clarity of Identity (either as an individual or as a leadership team) can oftenbe skipped (or tackled on a surface level) in favour of ‘getting on with the job’. Who

An evergreen year

A lookback over the year can often evoke those “Did we really achieve that?” thoughts, and some of the Leading Edge highlights of 2018 certainly fall into that category. Fantastic clients, amazing opportunities, powerful moments, growing relationships – all wrapped up in our strong belief, or you might say, mantra, that “If it matters to

Memories and moments

I love to read (and always aspire to write) those amazingly thought provoking ‘review of the year’ blogs. But I am lacking a fundamental skill that I see as invaluable to succeeding in this quest … I have a shocking memory! I regularly struggle to remember what I did yesterday.. let alone last month, last quarter

Guest Blog: 3 stories from 3 different worlds by Kurt Lindley

Last week we hosted 60 clients and colleagues at the headquarters of the British Olympic Association in central London, to explore together ‘Building Successful Brands through Culture’   Attendees included Technical Directors from the Football Association, two sporting MBEs, four England internationals across multiple disciplines and clients from businesses as diverse as M&S, Miele and

Forming opinions with England Rugby’s next generation

I’ve had the tremendous opportunity to really get to know some of England Rugby’s young players in the past two years through a series of off-field development activities that Leading Edge has designed, created and co-ordinated for the RFU. With these character-building activities, we take the players out of their comfort zones to develop their

In my opinion…… powerful words

I’m sure we all say ‘In my opinion’ quite readily – I know I do – but only recently have I fully  delved into considering the area of ‘having an opinion’. This came about for the most recent development activity for the RFU, where Leading Edge is supporting England Rugby to develop the future stars

Changing culture.. the determining factor?

This week more than a couple of conversations have centered around culture change.. and the perpetual debate about ‘how long does it take?’ A quick google search shows proponents of everything from 2-3 to 8 years as the stated wisdom – so it would appear some clear alignment that the silver bullet is definitely unattainable

World Mental Health Day.. find the time to ‘just talk’

There’s seems to be a focus day every day of every week week .. World Doughnut Day, Kiss a RedHead Day,… and I guess we all choose to mark those which are important or relevant to us Today is World Mental Health Day.  And that’s one day relevant and important to all of us. Mental

Team Green welcomes John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

Leading Edge is delighted to welcome former rugby professional and England coach John ‘Fletch’ Fletcher to Team Green in the role of Team Coach. Fletch played first team rugby for Tynedale, Northampton, Newcastle and Gosforth, and was awarded England honours with A team selection. His impressive coaching career began with Newcastle Falcons, where he joined