Exploring ikigai this summer

This week’s blog follows last week’s ‘holiday recharge’ theme – exploring how we can make the most of our summer holidays (can you guess what I’m looking forward to…?). For many people the holiday period is not only a chance to recharge batteries, but also to take a step back and take stock of their

A world without meetings? no thanks

How much time did you spend this week in ‘a meeting’?  More importantly, how much time did you spend in those meetings wishing you were somewhere else ‘getting on with my job’.   I often hear ‘we waste a lot of time attending meetings’  from individuals in all levels of organisations, in all sectors.  (In fact research

Busting Beliefs – again!

I love the (thankfully!) regular news items we receive celebrating the achievements people have made when the odds are against them. This week it’s the story that an Australian, Steve Plain, has set a new record for climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, four years after breaking his neck in a

Growth or Fixed Mindset when the chips (or goals) are down…

Football Managers are regularly in the news, given their frequent and swift turnover.  I’m always intrigued by how their success is measured – win percentages, trophies through to reputation seems to count. But whilst managers are usually measured by their success, an interesting spin is to look at their ability to cope with failure.  We’re

Local Elections – next step Impactful Action Planning!

Today’s news is dominated by the results of yesterday’s Local Council Elections with the overall picture is showing a fair degree of change.  So new teams needing to quickly identify what they’re going to take to have an impact in their area. A great tool when facilitating teams with action planning is the Impact vs

Growth or fixed mindset?

This week one of our Team Coaches delivered a Resilience module for a long-term client partner.  With resilience a hot topic, we’ve noticed an increase in requests for support in the area of wellbeing. As part of stretching participants thinking, we challenged them initially to explore their mindset – growth or fixed (based on the

Our partnership with Levis : videos

I was delighted to see the news earlier this year of Levi’s Europe strong financial results.. and even more delighted when Seth Ellison made reference to the work we partnered with them on to support the development of the leadership team In these short video interviews, I share the story of this great Highly Effective

Time for a bit of CHDIIHLDOI!

This week has seen me planning the design of a change programme.  Launching this is a critical part of the process in which the leaders to engage their senior managers in the change. One of the aspects we’ll be exploring is the Skill/Will of the team in relation to implementing the five key changes identified. 

Changing Rooms

The Change House featured last week in part of an on-going Leadership Development Programme we’re proud to be supporting.  Whilst there’s sometimes debate around who the model is attributed to and the addition of two basement rooms to the original four, ultimately our aim is all about practical application and learning ‘dance not steps’.  We

Logical Levels in Action!

Two of our ‘Team Green’ Team Coaches recently paired up to run the first cohort of an exciting new leadership development programme.  Our duo used Dilts Logical Levels to stimulate the group’s thinking about What Makes You ‘You’?  In particular, using DILTS to explore a result or outcome that is and is not being achieved

Introducing our leadership point of view

Much excitement (and sense of personal achievement for me!) this week as we unveil our leadership point of view The third of our perspectives on the areas we’re proud to call ourselves experts in… alongside change and teams, the leadership point of view has taken a while to form Why?  A couple of reasons really,

What a Difference a Word Can Make!

Last week I participated in a BPS Communication Skill webinar.  As I reflected on my key takeouts, the standout that I’ll be experimenting with is changing just one word – ‘anything’ to ‘something’.  Over the last few days, all the people I’ve discussed it with agree that it just seems to make sense and they’re