Engaging with the change resistors

Why is it possible for some to see change as part of daily life, a thing that happens regardless of context?  They step toward it expectantly. Whilst others stick hard and fast in the moment of now. Except that moment was actually two years ago and they are repeating the same melody. They are afraid

Making sense in a complex world.. if not you, who?

Being the ‘Sense Maker’ is an often overlooked skill for leaders.  We’d describe it as being able to share information and clarity around the organisation in an engaging way with the teams within it… and similarly to represent the views, concerns, ambitions and focusses of the teams back to the wider organisation.   At Leading

Being Trust Centered – when it IS ‘all about you’

We begin with a WARNING….if you don’t give trust to others or have trust in others it is unlikely that others will trust you… Within Leading Edge’s Point of View around Leadership we see Trust and being a ‘Trust Centered’ as a key ingredient to Great Leadership. Without trust we may never reach our individual,