Who We Are

If it matters to you, it matters to us

We are proud to have created a recognised and credible business which partners global clients from global blue-chip businesses to top tier sports teams.

From our offices in Leamington Spa, we’ve built a team of consultants with a variety of backgrounds and experience to support the diverse nature of our clients and their needs.

We always want to create deep and long lasting partnerships with our clients; this is not a formulaic model with pre-prepared solutions. The starting point is always our partners’ needs.

We believe:

Great partnerships start with great relationships

Great partnerships start with great relationships

Partnership is what makes us great. We get inside your business to discover, design and deliver solutions that matter to you. We measure our success based on your business performance

People aren't broken

This simple statement is at the heart of every interaction and intervention. We work to identify and remove the barriers (real and perceived) that prevent individuals from reaching their potential

Being able to dance takes more than just learning the steps

Changing beliefs and behaviour or learning a new skill doesn't happen in a single moment. It's the first step of a journey that needs conscious choice, courage, curiosity and a commitment to change

You don't win a match by simply staring at the scoreboard 

You don't win a match by simply staring at the scoreboard

Business performance matters to us. We make a difference 'on the pitch' where it counts. We glance at the scoreboard and focus on the solutions