Reflecting … ahead of the weekend ahead!

As we head into the first Six Nations match day of 2019, I’ve been reflecting on another fantastic experience with the 20 best of the best players who are most likely to play for England

We’ve just delivered our seventh camp over three years, this time focussing specifically on how we can use our brains more effectively!  But this is no theoretical class room learning – we returned to work with volunteer rescue charity Serveon, often the first people who arrive on the scene of a natural disaster.

They created a simulation of a real event, Hurricane Irma, enabling the players to experience real-time role play events as a group who were dispatched to add humane support. Activities included complex planning, rescuing survivors and dealing with angry and emotional ‘locals’.   All of this activity was in service of revealing and exploring their ‘inner Chimps’, adding ‘new programmes’ to their ‘Computers’ and spending time reflecting in ‘Human’ mode.

Doing this for 36 hour’s including two nights bunked down on mattresses gave the players loads of ‘Chimp moments’ and also opportunities to re-set and influence situations. On.  Our stakeholders at England Rugby felt it was the best camp yet!

It’s a real privilege to continue to play our part in the development of young characters with hugely professional partners and ambitious stakeholders