Month: December 2020

More Learning and Memories of 2020

I closed ‘Part 1’ of my reflections blog on knowing how our clients come to us for our service when they need it. They know how we work and what we stand for, and we hope they’ll come to us because we feel most relevant to them, because we care the most or because we

Learning and Memories of 2020

Last week, we enjoyed our annual Team Day and Christmas celebrations. Every year, this is a special time when we spend the day as one big Leading Edge community. We’re people who value moments together, who bring out the best in each other, who learn from each other and who love supporting our clients. We’ve

Victoria Freer-Hewish appointed Director at Leading Edge

We’re delighted to share that Victoria Freer-Hewish has been promoted to Director at Leading Edge. Her role will continue to focus on delivering an excellent Client Experience alongside broader strategic and leadership responsibilities. Victoria’s first year in role as Head of Client Experience has been a pivotal part of our ability to weather the challenges of 2020

Women in Leadership Roundtable: Harnessing the Power of Advocacy

Advocacy, sponsors, quotas, allies – just some of many topics explored on a recent virtual roundtable I hosted as part of Leading Edge’s Performance Hub series. Ready to dive into the theme of ‘Harnessing the Power of Advocacy’, I was delighted to be joined by Nigyar Makhmudova, Chief Growth Officer at Danone; James Cheeseman, Academy