Month: October 2019

How many people does it take to run a Marathon?

Marathon running is a solo activity, isn’t it?   Hours of pounding the roads and byways on training runs, with a hydration pack and an mobile phone for emergencies Having just run Dublin Marathon this weekend, I’ve been reflecting on the many faces of the ‘support team’ that make a marathon possible     Kate Davies,

Learning impact – 12 levers of effectiveness

Heading to events like WOLCE or CIPD annual conference are fabulous time for us L&D types to refresh our knowledge, often with ‘ah yes I know that’ moments, but every so often you catch a gem that sends you into a google/research spin This week a speaker at the World of Learning conference made reference

Talent identification .. how do you define and support high potential?

‘She’s only 21, so she has a huge amount of potential.. coming 7th is a brilliant place for her’ ‘Achieving 4th at 23, he’s got years ahead of him to really maximise his talent’ These were among the many commentator quotes about talent from the IAAF World Athleteics Championships in Doha at the weekend.   What