Month: February 2019

Beyond mathematics.. the Change Equation and Kepa’s refusal

I have been really looking forward to this blog and exploring the ‘Change Equation’. (Don’t you just love it when maths enters into the world of organisational and people development?!)  We recognise that ‘meaningful’ change is more complex than a maths question, however the Change Equation (defined through the work of Beckhard and latterly Dannemiller)

Delving deeper .. Lessons in Leadership from Dancing Guy

One of our favourite concepts around change is Derek Sivers approach to ‘creating a movement’ His YouTube video has over 5.4 million views (pretty sure most of them we’ve generated through sharing this easy to understand video storyboard!) In case you’re not one of the 5.4 millions who’ve seen it, here’s the link  The leadership

(Just) one night in the cold

In the days before I took part in Helping Hands’ Big Sleepout19  last Friday (an annual event to highlight homelessness and raise money to support the charity’s work), friends asked why I was doing it. I think my main answer to that question was “for awareness”, not just awareness of how Helping Hands supports the

Engaging with the change resistors

Why is it possible for some to see change as part of daily life, a thing that happens regardless of context?  They step toward it expectantly. Whilst others stick hard and fast in the moment of now. Except that moment was actually two years ago and they are repeating the same melody. They are afraid

Reactions to change

The paradox of the acceptance of change as I see it is,  we often sit in tension between holding back from pursing positive change because it caused hurt in the past (personal, emotional, financial etc), we know we should accept change (as it’s inevitable) and because if this works the benefit would out way the negative.

Seeking high performance wherever it may be found.

British Intelligence ‘Influencing’ members of insurgent groups to reveal information… what’s the image that’s in your mind?  Chairs bolted to the floor, spotlights, shackles…?  Mine too when I was invited to attend a seminar by Applied Influence Group – ex British intelligence who’ve codified an approach to Influence Alongside myth busting my ITV drama series

Making sense in a complex world.. if not you, who?

Being the ‘Sense Maker’ is an often overlooked skill for leaders.  We’d describe it as being able to share information and clarity around the organisation in an engaging way with the teams within it… and similarly to represent the views, concerns, ambitions and focusses of the teams back to the wider organisation.   At Leading