Month: January 2019

Failing Fast… fail with clarity

Failing is and will always be one of the greatest steps to learning (think of a child learning to walk as an example), but the caveat is ‘how you fail’…. and how you are supported or support others while experiencing ‘failure’. Leading Edge believe great leadership embraces ‘Fast Fail’ – both individually and encouraged in others.  But

Being Trust Centered – when it IS ‘all about you’

We begin with a WARNING….if you don’t give trust to others or have trust in others it is unlikely that others will trust you… Within Leading Edge’s Point of View around Leadership we see Trust and being a ‘Trust Centered’ as a key ingredient to Great Leadership. Without trust we may never reach our individual,

Embracing the paradoxes of leadership.. how contradictions can be true

  The need to ‘Embrace Paradox’ may seem a profound thing to say, particularly in the context leadership where we are often looking for clarity. At Leading Edge we see the ability to entertain and ‘Embrace Paradox’ as a key early tenant of being a good leader. Without paradox we risk singularity… The danger of

Clarity of Self.. and it’s influence on leading

Who am I and how do I present? Leading Edge see ‘Clarity of Identity’ as the foundation of authentic leadership. But focus and consideration for Clarity of Identity (either as an individual or as a leadership team) can oftenbe skipped (or tackled on a surface level) in favour of ‘getting on with the job’. Who