Month: June 2018

Spotted any ‘chimps’ in the England camp?

As the England football team plays their first World Cup games, the importance of team and high performance is topical this week. We’re big fans of applying learnings from sport to business (and vice versa).  When a team comes under some pressure, the strength of the relationships and how well members can support each other

We all need Highly Effective Team Players

Highly Effective Teams has been one of the cornerstones of our Leading Edge expertise for a number of years now.  It typically takes shape as a series of 3 x 1-2 day events exploring, sharing, confirming and committing to key aspects of team performance. Excitingly we have developed this further with one of our clients,

Leadership (with a small ‘l’)

Leadership in a sporting context is often very visual: the captain’s armband, a vocal player on the pitch or a passionate coach giving direction from the sidelines. And leadership can be similarly visual in a business environment where a job title, having line management responsibility or – although less so in the modern workplace –

Developing today for an unknown tomorrow

This weekend, England Rugby kick off their first game of a three-Test summer tour against South Africa, which is being labelled as a test of Eddie Jones’s rapidly developing side ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. For some of the younger players in the squad, it’s the World Cup four years on from that

A world without meetings? no thanks

How much time did you spend this week in ‘a meeting’?  More importantly, how much time did you spend in those meetings wishing you were somewhere else ‘getting on with my job’.   I often hear ‘we waste a lot of time attending meetings’  from individuals in all levels of organisations, in all sectors.  (In fact research