Month: May 2018

Lumina Sparking!

The fabulous Lumina Spark app has been put to great use again!  The app enables delegates to scan each other’s Lumina Spark ‘splashes’ and compare them on their phone/tablet screens. Last week, two of our Team Green coaches facilitated a large group with the objective of improving cross-functional relationships.  Everyone received 1:1 telephone feedback on

Busting Beliefs – again!

I love the (thankfully!) regular news items we receive celebrating the achievements people have made when the odds are against them. This week it’s the story that an Australian, Steve Plain, has set a new record for climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, four years after breaking his neck in a

Growth or Fixed Mindset when the chips (or goals) are down…

Football Managers are regularly in the news, given their frequent and swift turnover.  I’m always intrigued by how their success is measured – win percentages, trophies through to reputation seems to count. But whilst managers are usually measured by their success, an interesting spin is to look at their ability to cope with failure.  We’re

Local Elections – next step Impactful Action Planning!

Today’s news is dominated by the results of yesterday’s Local Council Elections with the overall picture is showing a fair degree of change.  So new teams needing to quickly identify what they’re going to take to have an impact in their area. A great tool when facilitating teams with action planning is the Impact vs