Month: March 2018

Time for a bit of CHDIIHLDOI!

This week has seen me planning the design of a change programme.  Launching this is a critical part of the process in which the leaders to engage their senior managers in the change. One of the aspects we’ll be exploring is the Skill/Will of the team in relation to implementing the five key changes identified. 

The time to learn

On Friday we hosted our second high performance event .. bringing together individuals from professional sport and successful business to explore ideas and share thinking Under the concept topic of ‘developing millennials’ we heard relevant insight from Jim Rothnie from McCann who’ve recently conducted a major research study into the habits and mindsets of this

Changing Rooms

The Change House featured last week in part of an on-going Leadership Development Programme we’re proud to be supporting.  Whilst there’s sometimes debate around who the model is attributed to and the addition of two basement rooms to the original four, ultimately our aim is all about practical application and learning ‘dance not steps’.  We

Logical Levels in Action!

Two of our ‘Team Green’ Team Coaches recently paired up to run the first cohort of an exciting new leadership development programme.  Our duo used Dilts Logical Levels to stimulate the group’s thinking about What Makes You ‘You’?  In particular, using DILTS to explore a result or outcome that is and is not being achieved

The risk in overthinking it

I spent Sunday at a TEDx event in Oxford titled Think Again! An event organised by volunteers who’d arranged speakers to share thinking under provocative titles like ‘Can hospitality save the world?’ And ‘The Cyborg Brain’.  I stepped off the train full of expectation and with an empty notebook It’s a packed day – 20