Month: November 2017

Intelligence – can leaders have too much of a good thing?

As a rule, it’s generally held that smarter people are more successful.  However, some new research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, suggests that when it comes to intelligence, leaders can have too much of a good thing. Researchers from the University of Lausanne asked over 300 hundred mid-level leaders to complete both a personality

Getting ‘Appy’ with Lumina Spark

I’m sure most L&D professionals would agree that one of the more challenging groups to facilitate is a room full of L&D professionals.  But we love a challenge and our Team Coach Mike McClellan recently relished being kept on his toes.  His delegates were seasoned MBTI and Insights Discovery users – to whom he introduced

Getting the Learning to Stick

As facilitators, we are always working to ensure that the learning from a session ‘sticks’ and transfers back into the workplace – it’s where we get ROI. So I was excited to recently stumble on the Radio 4’s series ‘How to Have a Better Brain’ and in particular the episode on ‘Sleep’, as it got