Month: March 2017

To be or not to be?  The authenticity debate…

Catching up on the Sunday papers from a couple of weeks ago, my attention was caught by an article surfacing the debate on the value of authenticity. I certainly agree with the concept of “being true to yourself”.  But indeed, how far does this go?  Ruth Whippman, the author of the article argues that her

Ruck Law and the Impact of Disruption

So all of us who follow rugby have learnt something about the “Ruck Law” in the last couple of weeks…. I was just reflecting on some broader learning. If you’re not a rugby fan, or you missed the game, the context was that an Italian team arrived at Twickenham as 50-1 outsiders with many predicting a

“Why we’re loving Lumina Spark personality questionnaire”

The drive home from co-facilitating a Lumina Spark Team Day gave me the opportunity to reflect on exactly why we (and our clients!) really like this personality questionnaire. For me, I love the flexibility it offers and therefore the ability to really adapt it to suits the needs of a particular team (or individual!). Lumina