Month: March 2016

The Importance of Founder’s Mentality

I was intrigued by a Tweet reading ‘Great Companies Stay True to the Spirit of Their Founders’ from Harvard Business Review. It piqued my interest as we’ve recently been reshaping our board and leadership team, with promotions and new team members joining us from outside Leading Edge. Like all growing businesses with their founder still

Human Change Equation

We love it when delegates take a concept or an idea and really own it for themselves. Last week we supported the 120 members of the Mars Petcare global leadership team in Madrid. We introduced them to Dannemillar’s Change Equation and it really resonated for many of them as we explored the agenda over 3

How reverse mentoring supports upside down leadership

I attended a CIPD branch meeting on Reverse Mentoring in Global Organisations this week… One of those eventbrite topics that seemed intriguing (and was free!) to attend. I didn’t really consider what Reverse Mentoring was, and was grateful for the speaker posing that question to the audience first. What was interesting in our collective responses