Month: February 2014

Social media … HRs Friend or Foe?

The 3rd theme from my stage speaking at HRD Summit in Birmingham recently was HR leaders needs to be uber-accessible to their stakeholders Is social media a friend or foe? In this age of transparency do we even think we have the choice? The days of “Knowledge is power” are gone. Remember “My door is

When the elephants fight….

I recently took to the stage at the HRD Summit in Birmingham at a great event with a diverse speaking agenda and a discerning audience.  A core message I wanted to share was my belief that HR is accountable for strategy execution. Sam Walton coined it half a century ago. Give me a good strategy

Are you the manager or the monkey-carrier?

When I was a retail manager, I think I was a good manager.  The measure of how good I was (I believed) was that people used to come to me with their problems, and I always prided myself on helping them. I felt good, they got their problem solved.  What a lovely way to work!