Action Planning with Impact

Recently we’ve been supporting a client with a series of ‘Hot House’ events.  The concept is to remove a team from their day to day activities so they can focus on solving their key business issues.  As well as improving their team effectiveness, they are set a financial challenge target. These require some nifty facilitation

Honouring Team History

We’re excited this week to be talking with a client about creating behaviours for shared culture in their organisation.  The time is now right for their two merged teams to focus on ‘how’ they are going to work together to become a united, high performance team. We think that our ‘Honour History Timeline Activity’ will

Staring at the Scoreboard with Five Dysfunctions of a Team

We love a challenge and last week a team event for senior leaders required some ‘warrior moments’ from one of our Team Coaches, to ensure a high support/high challenge session moved the team forwards. A key moment came when interpreting the results of the team’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Lencioni) assessment questionnaire. The

Does goal setting actually restrict us? 

It’s long been the perceived wisdom that whether in business, sport or in life we should set ‘SMART’ goals for ourselves. In doing so, creating focus and clarity…. but…. is it restrictive to our creativity and the sense of possibility? Sometimes I wonder if what we should actually do is set an intent, a dream

Knowing that it matters

What a great weekend of Rugby for England! The senior squad gave another outstanding performance in the second test against Argentina winning the series 2-nil, the Women’s team winning in New Zealand, while England’s Under 20s made it to yet another final in the World Rugby Under 20 Championships. Anyone who knows me knows I

Mental Health Awareness – This Week and Every Week

There’s an unprecedented amount of good thinking, sharing and conversations happening right now across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook this Mental Health Awareness Week So much good stuff in the media too with the high profile of the London Marathon charity Heads Together May I suggest, alongside sharing our collective support in this week of focus,

“Why we’re loving Lumina Spark personality questionnaire”

The drive home from co-facilitating a Lumina Spark Team Day gave me the opportunity to reflect on exactly why we (and our clients!) really like this personality questionnaire. For me, I love the flexibility it offers and therefore the ability to really adapt it to suits the needs of a particular team (or individual!). Lumina

The Importance of Founder’s Mentality

I was intrigued by a Tweet reading ‘Great Companies Stay True to the Spirit of Their Founders’ from Harvard Business Review. It piqued my interest as we’ve recently been reshaping our board and leadership team, with promotions and new team members joining us from outside Leading Edge. Like all growing businesses with their founder still

The Purpose of Purpose

One of the best parts of being in a consultancy based business is the opportunity to visit and work in other client offices and buildings throughout the globe.  This morning was Manchester, and the 6 floor offices of a global travel based business with funky meeting rooms, great co-working spaces and a beach themed café. 

Is there really nothing new in engagement?

This week were delighted to be invited to chair the CIPD Employee Engagement Conference in Church House, Westminster.  Delegates and speakers from Specsavers, Hutchison 3G, The Phoenix Group, Notcutts, M&S and McDonalds (among many others) gathered for a packed agenda of seminars and panel discussion. As the day progressed the breakout chatter rang with ‘we’ve